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Audit and Survey

Collection, Processing & Publication

We can help throughout the process of audit or survey production.
  • Data collection
    Setting up an online form and/or complimentary proforma.
  • Processing
    Collation and analysis of data.
  • Publication
    Creation of charts and layout of text and tables.

Integration with Website

Data collection can be integrated with your website. You can collect anonymous clinical data or surveys through linked forms. Results from such audits can be illustrated and displayed on your site.

Friends & Family

Friends and family tests are used in the NHS to assess satisfaction with services. We can collect the data and publish the results as both a file and on your website. We can undertake more exhaustive surveys to support appraisal forms.

Clinical Audit

Clinical audits can be useful for developing your service and in support of routine appraisals. These can be automated to a large extent enabling thorough, dynamic audits to proceed with minimal maintanence or input.